The Olympic Games

Grand opening Athens 2004
Grand opening Athens 2004

Since now more than 110 years the Olympic Games recalled by Baron de Coubertin in 1896 attract more and more visitors at the Olympic sites of the world. In the course of time the Games have changed their face as well. In Athens 295 men from thirteen countries have participated in 42 events, and about three fourth millions visitors have surged into the stadium of Athens. Been back at their historical origin, the last summer games have broken all records. Over 11,000 athletes from 202 countries have competed for glory and fame for their particular homeland in totally 301 events. Millions of visitors have lived to see that spectacle in site, and by the way billions of people could watch the great competitions and keep their fingers crossed for their athletes due to present spread of digital media.
The development of society and politics is reflected in the modern Olympic Games since their beginnings in 1896. Whether social changes, world-political ideologies or other political reorganizations, these all have shaped and will shape the course of the Games. This web presentation should give you an overview about this development, whereupon the sportive events assuredly have a higher priority.

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All data and with over 20,000 medallists from 1896 until today! Pictorial and text documentation.

Athletics run

Ole Einar Björndalen (Norway)

From Chamonix 1924 to Torino 2006. Over further 2,500 medallists...


Extensive statistics area with search forms for athletes, information about the nocs, sports and eternal medal tallies

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The origin of the Olympic Games since 776 B.C.
The Olympic Idea, remade over 100 years ago
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